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If your last flying experience has been no less that a nightmare with a nagging co passenger constantly hitting on you or a fidgety kid continuously kicking your seat, bid adieu to these flight troubles with Luxury 4 Less. More popularly known as L4L, this first class travel agency is fast becoming the one-stop shop for flyers looking for a great deal on their air tickets.

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The exclusive luxuries offered to first class passengers begin way before they board the flight. A number of airline offer complementary airport transfer facility in a limousine. Thus, a limousine will pick you from your house and take you to the airport. Here you can wait in the luxury lounge and help yourself to complimentary drinks and snacks served here.

There is a separate boarding section for first class flyers so that they do not need to stand in long queues prior to boarding their flight. This royal treatment continues in the flight as well and is complemented by world class in flight dining and wining arrangements. A private cabin, a personal entertainment unit and telephone connection and a private washroom are some other perks of flying first class.